News Release

News Release

Huawei App Gallery compatible

March 2021

Mobilicis has tested and released products into the Huawei App Gallery, adding to it’s offerings on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Mobilicis develops and tests it’s products on a wide range of devices to ensure full functionality.

Feb 2021

Mobilicis is expanding its presence in the large Japanese market by establishing an Office in Tokyo, to be lead by Takashi Kido.

Expanding presence in Japan

New Engineering Leadership

Feb 2021

Since setting up it’s operations in Hyderabad in 2020, Mobilicis has been strengthening its R&D and product development team. Most recently it hired Anish Agrawal as VP of Engineering.

Feb 2021

Mobilicis is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Agreement to merge with K.K. Zenro, based in Japan, and its Indian subsidiary, Mobiru.

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Merger with K.K. Zenro to offer the industry’s most complete suite of diagnostics and grading products

Latin American Operator Awards Business

Jan 2021

Mobilicis has been awarded the business of a leading Latin American provider for mobile diagnostics. The carrier assessed the solutions of leading suppliers and determined that Mobilicis’ solution provide the best value. Mobilicis was able to on-board and train the carrier’s personnel rapidly, and the customer reports they are happy with the product.

Dec 2020

Mobilicis is please to announce that Hussain Al-Jibory has joined its leadership as VP of Sales and Marketing.
Mr. Al-Jibory brings 15 years of experience in the telecom space. He has held roles in sales, operations, and product management, including at Rogers Communications. He is a domain expert in mobile reverse logistics and retail operations, as well as in carrier and vendor side call center operations. He has a passion for leading sales teams and scaling companies.

New Sales Leadership

Establishment of Mobilicis

Oct 2020

Mobilicis has launched with the mission to improve the profitability of mobile operators and retailers by making it easy for their customers to troubleshoot or upgrade their mobile devices. Mobile operators and retailers face rising device management costs. Device management costs increasing due to non trouble found devices and returned devices rejected by OEMs. Customer satisfaction scores fall when smartphone related complaints are not properly solved. Churn could increase due to a poor smartphone user experience.
Mobilicis is building on a industry leading 10 year foundation of Pervacio.