About Us

Mobilicis has over 10 years of experience working with mobile carriers, retailers and reverse logistics

More About Mobilicis

Mobilicis was founded to meet the future need for mobile device management.

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive technology solution to manage the complexities of the forward and reverse supply chain for all mobility products. We do this through an unparalleled investment in cutting edge research, and a global engineering and certification network to support our global customers.

  • Headquartered in Dallas
  • Engineering, sales and project management teams located globally

An Industry Pioneer

  • 2004

    Predecessor company founded


    First killer App in warehouse launched - Data Wipe

  • 2010

    First major US carrier secured

    Second killer App in warehouse launched - Diagnostics


    First killer App in retail launched - Diagnostics


    Warehouse suite expanded - receiving tool and Flash


    First major Japanese carrier secured

    Second killer App in retail launched - Data Transfer


    Remote care solution launched – industry first


    Bought out by Mobilicis

    Backed by Silicon Valley investors (PFG)


    Acquired Zenro (Japan) and Mobiru (India)

    AI based retail cosmetic grading solution – industry first

    Developing cloud platform for valuation and trading